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Prune Products Specifications

Prune (Dried Plum) Product Specifications

Pitted Prunes Bagged Pitted Prunes Bulk Prunes, A-Pitted 10lb Bulk Prunes, A-Pitted 12.5kg Bulk Prunes, A-Pitted 25lb Bulk Prunes, A-Pitted 30lb Bulk Prunes, E-Pitted 5kg Bulk Prunes, E-Pitted 12.5kg Whole Prunes Bulk Prunes, Whole 10kg Bulk Prunes, Whole 10.5 kg Bulk Prunes, Whole 30 lb  

Recipes using Canned Prunes

Prune Recipes – Dishing It Out With Dried Fruits – Video

Stapleton’s corporate chef, Victor Hong, demonstrates how to make six different recipes with canned prunes (dried plums), including how to make prune puree for low fat baking, Asian BBQ sauce, Barbecue Sauce for Ribs and a Pruneberry Spread.