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The real sugar culprits

Canned fruit contributes less than two percent of the added sugar in most American diets. Top sources of added sugar in the diet come from soda, energy drinks and sports drinks, grain-based desserts, fruit drinks, dairy desserts, candy, ready-to-eat cereals, sugars and honey, tea, and yeast breads. To avoid the […]


Why All Forms Matter

The call for increased fruit and vegetable consumption often emphasizes fresh produce, grown locally. There is a misperception that the preservation or processing of fruits and vegetables diminishes nutritional quality. This is often cited as the rationale for the focus on fresh, despite research that shows the nutritional equivalent or, […]

Dried Prunes Cans

Stapleton’s Canned Prunes: The Smart Choice

Twice the Fruit, Half the Shelf Space, Lower Cost per Serving Three cans of Stapleton’s Prunes have the same number of servings as six cans of just about any other fruit, and at roughly $0.27 per serving, you can’t go wrong. Twice the Fruit Exchanges per Can A fruit exchange […]


Fresh, Frozen or Canned?

Nutritionists and dieticians agree that half of one’s plate should be filled with fruits and vegetables. While fresh produce is great, canned and frozen fruits and vegetables have a longer shelf life, are easier to prepare, and are often cheaper than their fresh counterparts. The challenge for many of us […]

Prune Products Specifications

Prune (Dried Plum) Product Specifications

Pitted Prunes Bagged Pitted Prunes Bulk Prunes, A-Pitted 10lb Bulk Prunes, A-Pitted 12.5kg Bulk Prunes, A-Pitted 25lb Bulk Prunes, A-Pitted 30lb Bulk Prunes, E-Pitted 5kg Bulk Prunes, E-Pitted 12.5kg Whole Prunes Bulk Prunes, Whole 10kg Bulk Prunes, Whole 10.5 kg Bulk Prunes, Whole 30 lb