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Stapleton’s Canned Prunes: The Smart Choice

Dried Prunes CansTwice the Fruit, Half the Shelf Space, Lower Cost per Serving

Three cans of Stapleton’s Prunes have the same number of servings as six cans of just about any other fruit, and at roughly $0.27 per serving, you can’t go wrong.

Twice the Fruit Exchanges per Can

A fruit exchange or serving = 3 prunes

#10 Can Fruit Exchanges
Prunes 57
Peaches 26
Fruit Cocktail 26

Convenient Small Case Sizes Order Only What You Need

Stapleton’s canned pitted prunes or whole prunes: moist pack or packed in either juice, syrup or water.

  • 16 oz. can: 12 cans per case (syrup or water packed)
  • #10 can: 3 or 6 cans per case

Long Shelf Life & Eco-friendly

Canned prunes have a shelf life of up to 24 months when stored in a cool dry environment, double the shelf life of a bagged product. Eco-friendly cans cost less to recycle than bags.

Serving Suggestions

As a topping on cereals and yogurt.
Add to muffins, breads, cakes and sauces.
Puree as a fat substitute

A Nutritious “Superfruit

  • High Antioxidant Capacity
    5770 ORAC units per 100 g./3.5 oz.
    Twice the antioxident power of blueberries
    Good source of beta-carotine (Vitamin A)
  • Per ounce, more potassium than a banana
  • Excellent source of dietary fiber
  • Diabetic friendly – normalizes blood sugar

Ask for Stapleton’s easy-to-store and manage 3 – #10 can case size. More servings than 6 cans of other fruits!


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