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How to Turn Plums into Prunes – Dehydration Process

Watch the video below to see how to turn plums into prunes.  After the plums are harvested, they are transported from the fields in huge bins.  The plums are washed in what is called a dipper and then the plums are placed single file onto trays, which are then stacked.  The stacked trays of plums are moved along on railroad tracks to the dehydration tunnel where hot air will blow on them.  The prune plums sit in 190 degree temperatures for 21 hours.

Once the plums are dry, they are brought back to the building, where a scraper removes them from the trays.  The trays are then used again for the next batch off harvested prune plums and the process is repeated.  After being scraped, the dried plums sit in another bin for about a month to continue the drying or curing process. During that time the prunes will be dumped and turned a couple of the times to ensure that the air is allowed to reach all the fruit in the bins. Once the prunes are fully cured, they go on to processing and then storage.


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  1. the written description is by far better than the video.

    deepullman , Posted Oct 05