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Webinar: Dishin’ It Up With Canned Prunes

In this webinar entitled Dishin It Up With Canned Prunes, Corporate Chef, Dr Victor Hong, shows you how to put this versatile ingredient to work as a fat substitute in baking and as an ingredient in numerous recipes and applications.

The webinar also highlights why canned prunes or dried plums, a delicious superfruit, are a necessary staple in any health care and hospitality service kitchen.

Health Benefits of Canned Prunes

  • Improved digestion: A single serving (3 stewed dried plums) has over 2 grams of fiber, to help you maintain good digestive health.
  • Tasty nutrition: Dried plums are a nutrition powerhouse, that includes B vitamins, potassium, magnesium and boron.
  • Antioxidants: Dried plums have phenolic compounds that promote good health.

Cost Benefit of Canned Prunes

  • 2 x more fruit exchange servings per can
  • Stapleton’s offers  a 3/10 case equivalent in servings to other 6/10 cases

Watch the full webinar:


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