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White Turkey Burger

Turkey White Meat (80% White Meat/20% Skin/Fat Emulsion) 80.00
Water 9.00
Turkey Broth 4.50
Fresh Plum Puree 3.00
Structured Soy Protein 2.60
Char Broil Flavor 0.10
Savory Seasoning 0.80
Total    100.00

1. Add turkey meat to mixer with the seasonings and mix for 30 seconds.
2. Add the water, broth and plum puree and mix for 1 minutes.
3. Add the protein and mix for an addition 1 minutes.
4. Add remaining ingredients and mix for 45 seconds.
5. Form into patties.

*Labeling Ground White Turkey, Water, Turkey Broth, Fresh Plum Puree (plum juice, dried plums, water), Soy Protein, Salt and Seasoning.
* Meat and poultry product labels must be submitted to USDA for approval prior to going to market. Visit the USDA: Labeling & Consumer Protection website for further information.

Nutrition Facts
Calories 145
Cholesterol 63mg
% of Calories from Fat 13%
Total Fat 2g
Sodium 401mg
Carbohydrate 4g
Protein 23g
Fiber 1g


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