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Reduced Fat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Stage 1
Fresh Plum Puree 92.00
Light Brown Sugar 61.00
Vanilla Extract 2.00

Stage 2
Whole Eggs 40.00

Stage 3
Flour (All Purpose) 100.00
Baking Soda 1.60
Salt 3.80
Sugar (Granulated) 52.00

Stage 4
Chocolate Chips 137.00
Total    489.40

1. Stage 1: Cream all ingredients
2. Stage 2: Add whole eggs and blend well.
3. Stage 3: Add ingredients and mix until smooth.
4. Stage 4: Add chocolate chips and mix until well distributed.
5. Scale approximately one ounce per cookie onto lightly oiled sheet or band

Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips, Flour, Plum Puree, Sugar, Whole Eggs, Salt, Vanilla Extract and Baking Soda.

Nutrition Facts
Calories 358
Cholesterol 32mg
% of Calories from Fat 22%
Total Fat 9g
Sodium  410mg
Carbohydrate 67g
Protein 5g
Fiber 2g


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