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Fresh Plum Purees –
Natural Substitute for Phosphates in Meats

Recent Studies Show Fresh Plum and Prune Products are an Effective, All Natural Replacement for Phosphates in Meats

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Stapleton’s Fresh Plum Products naturally contain high levels of fiber, sorbitol, malic acid, and antioxidants. These help retain moisture, suppress the growth of various pathogens, enhance natural flavors, and control the development of lipid oxidation or warmed-over flavor. Available as purees, processed fresh plums can be used in most meats.

Recent research sponsored by the California Dried Plum Board conducted at the University of Arkansas-Fayetteville Food Science Department demonstrated that the addition of plum mixtures can be a good substitute for the phosphates currently being used in meats. These conclusions come at a time when consumers and foodservice operators are demanding more use of natural food ingredients and shorter, cleaner food labels along with increased flavor and other meat and poultry sensory characteristics.

Which Stapleton’s Fresh Prune Plum Products can be used in Meat Applications?

Stapleton’s Purees are desirable in many meat products where you want to naturally retain moisture, enhance natural flavors, and extend shelf life. Stapleton’s Fresh Plum Purees are all-natural and made from freshly harvested California French d’Agen Plums. The plums are carefully processed to ensure quality, as well as a neutral color and taste when added to meats.

Recommended Fresh Plum Usage Levels for Meat Applications

The table below gives suggested starting usage levels for fresh plum purees in meat applications. Start at the lowest usage level and work up until the desired taste, texture, and moistness is achieved.

Product Name Brix Level Meat Applications
Fresh Plum Puree 33 Start at 2-5%
Fresh Plum Puree 51 Start at 1-4%

Fresh Prune Plum Product Brix Levels, Concentrations and Applications for Meats

Stapleton-Spence produces a variety of fresh plum purees. The main differences between these are their concentrations and how many insoluble solids have been removed.
Purees offered:

Product Name Brix Level Description Meat Applications
Fresh Plum Puree 33 Orange/Brown in color. Ground meat products.
Fresh Plum Puree 51 Brown in color. More concentrated
than 33 brix.
Ground meat products.

Supporting Documentation:
Fresh Plum Research Bulletins and Studies

There are many research bulletins on the Internet that use plum and prune purees including those that can be found on the Stapleton’s website: Research & Bulletins

Stapleton’s Fresh Plum Purees can be directly substituted for dried plum products. Fresh Plum Puree contains the same functional ingredients as prune puree but with the added benefits of a neutral color and taste.

Benefits of using Fresh Plum Products instead of
Dried Plum (Prune) Purees in Meats

The advantages of using fresh plum purees are that they are neutral in color and flavor, as opposed the darker dried plum (prune) products. Stapleton’s Fresh Plum Products do not impart a flavor to animal proteins but rather, enhance and round out other food flavors in a recipe or formulation.

Stapleton’s Fresh Plum Products are made from fresh plums and are just as high in fiber, sorbitol and antioxidants as dried plum (prune) purees and powders. These components offer superior moisture retention when used in meats. The sorbitol and fiber help retain moisture after cooking while the natural acid content results in a lowered pH level which keeps the growth of coliforms to a minimum.

While Stapleton’s also carries dried plum (prune) puree, their Fresh Plum Puree is a popular ingredient among food scientists.

Request a FREE Fresh Plum Product Sample!

Stapleton’s Fresh Plum Products can be used in a variety of fresh and frozen meats with no unusual flavors or after tastes. Please contact a specialist to request a sample today, or ask to speak with our food scientist for ways to effectively incorporate plum products into your recipes.

Summary: Extended Shelf Life, Superior Moisture Retention and Cleaner Labels

The natural components of Stapleton’s Fresh Plum Products contribute to extending the shelf life, and increasing the value and safety of beef, pork, poultry, lamb and many other animal proteins. In addition, they do not impart a flavor to animal proteins but rather, enhance and round out other food flavors in a recipe or formulation. This makes fresh plum purees the perfect ingredient for complete flavor systems whether sweet or savory.

Important for meat processors is the natural water-binding abilities of dried plum ingredients that when used in a vacuum tumbling process can add 12% or more weight, much of which is retained throughout the final cooking process. The ability to control purge is improved and fresh plums’ natural antioxidants help to extend shelf life in fresh and frozen meat formats.

Also important is the ability of fresh plum ingredients to shorten and improve label content and perception by replacing or reducing many unwanted materials, such as phosphates, salt, gums, starches, flavor enhancers, synthetic antioxidants and other ingredients.

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