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Prune Whip

Yield: 180 Servings      Serving Size: 1 Cup     Cost per serving: $0.28


1 Gal – Egg whites

2 Packages, 2.75 oz. – Gelatin, Dry, Lime, Diet

3 Packages, 2.75 oz. – Gelatin, Dry, Orange, Diet

4 Cans, 8 oz. – Thickener, Thicken Up

4 Cans, 7.2 oz. – Benefiber

2 Qt – Stapleton’s Prune Juice

3 No.  10 Cans – Stapleton’s Pitted Prunes, Unswt


1. Wash hands before beginning preparation. Sanitize all surfaces.
2. Whip egg whites.
3. Prepare diet gelatins by mixing together according to package instructions, but do not chill.
4. Add thickener, Benefiber, and prune juice to gelatin and mix to combine. Whip gelatin mixture into whipped egg whites.
5. Puree pitted prunes and fold into egg white/gelatin mixture.
6. Cool: product temp must reach 140F to 70F within 2 hours and 70F to 40F within 2 hours.
7. Hold at <40. Use within 7 days.


2 Responses to “Prune Whip”

  1. Any chance you can get us regular measurements for a family dessert rather than commercial measurements?

    Jennifer , Posted May 05
    1. Jennifer,
      Check out the newly added recipe for Prune Whip Souffle. This is a delicious family dessert recipe similar to the food service application. Enjoy!

      admin , Posted Jun 15