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Food Safety First - Quality Assurance

Stapleton’s is dedicated to food quality and safety. The main processing facility in Gridley, CA is staffed with four full-time Quality Control (QC) / Quality Assurance (QA) employees. Food safety is administered by Stapleton’s dedicated internal Quality Control Program

  • We can track the raw product from the customer to the farm
  • We are certified organic
  • Annual inspection by our HAACP team
  • Semi-annual inspection by the Dried Fruit Association (DFA)
  • Annual audit by Silliker, QAI, and USDA
  • Employees break room is cleaned daily
  • GMP policy requires all employees to wash their hands
  • Monthly  self inspection by our own personal
  • View all of Stapleton's Food Safety Certifications

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) – Stapleton’s follows GMP procedures throughout all of our operations.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) - HACCP is a common sense approach to food safety; a systematic approach to assure to a high degree that foods produced are safe and wholesome. Developed a number of years ago, HACCP has become the standard safety and quality program for most food plants in both Europe and North America. HACCP programs are in operation throughout all of our operations.

Dried Fruit and Nut Association (DFA) Sanitation Inspection Programs - The DFA maintains a Quality Assurance/Sanitation program for its member companies. The DFA Sanitation Program involves a quarterly inspection and serves as an equivalent of an FDA inspection program (documents available upon request). As one of these member companies, all of our facilities are inspected quarterly. We are proud to report that all of these facilities have consistently rated in the "excellent" category for these inspections.

USDA Audited – Stapleton’s is audited by the USDA. There is a year round internal "Quality Team" program that works to maintain the stringent requirements of the USDA. Audit information is available to our customers upon request.

Recall Program - Stapleton-Spence has developed a recall manual which outlines a specific action plan in the unlikely event of a recall. All recall team members (and alternates) have been trained on this manual. In addition to training, a mock recall practice is to be performed once a year.

Pesticide Management Program and Product Traceability - You can be sure that the products that you receive from Stapleton-Spence have been grown with safety in mind. We monitor the usage of all applied chemicals for all of our 100 + contracted growers. No fruit is received unless it meets California Pesticide Use Requirements. Our fruit inventory program assures that all lots of fruit are traceable back to the field that it was taken from.

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