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Prunes (Dried Plums)


Crop Report – September 2013

Prune Crop Update The official California Prune Crop estimate published last June estimated a crop approaching 105,000 short tons which would have been a 24% reduction in inventory versus last year. As the crop has now been harvested, the grading and sorting process (sizing and discovering the quality of the […]

Crop Report Prune June 2013

Crop Report – June 2013

Crop Update Growers are irrigating the fields due to high temperatures. Small fruit on the trees are expected to drop in June. On June 3, 2013, The National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) announced a 2013 California dried plum crop estimate of 105,000 short tons. NASS also estimates 51,000 bearing acres […]

Crop Report

Crop Update – April 2013

Crop Update The 2013 Prune crop bloom was successful in that temperatures were suitably mild with little rain. It lasted for more than 2 weeks giving ample time for pollination. There are prunes on the trees now; the question now is what percent will stay on the trees and make […]

South American Prune Crop Report

South American Prune Crop Report

It is premature to quantify the 2013 prune crops in Chile and Argentina as harvest will begin at the end of February. However, it appears that Argentina has a substantial crop and has avoided weather problems that have caused serious damage to previous crops. An early estimate is 30,000 tons. […]

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